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Stella and the Elephant

Travel with Stella Stardust as she kidnaps a Circus Elephant and takes him back to his home in Africa. Stella and Fortune, the Elephant, have untold adventures including starvation, thirst, pirates, slavers and many more! Available at all online bookstores. Begin your adventures NOW! 

Stella and the Slavers

Follow Stella as she tries to return to her family in Australia. She finds friends, foes, danger and magic, but will she ever find her home again? Available at all online book stores. Begin your adventures NOW!  


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The Wonder of the Year

The Wonder of the Year

 The year is 1999 and the whole world is going a little bit crazy. As she treads the delicate balance between insanity and faith, Iris Anders finds an unlikely ally in Fr Francis X Carlos-Carlos, a young Filipino missionary. Iris, a librarian, finds herself the unwitting recipient of what appear to be the wounds of Jesus – the Stigmata. Her husband suspects self-harming; her family says she’s having another one of her ‘episodes’; her parish priest just wants her gone from his church. Fr Frank, who has recently come from a country where faith is lived, not just observed, has dealt with this sort of thing before but has come to Australia to escape such Penitentes. Meantime, the world hears of this ‘miracle worker’ and beats a path to her door. Saint or fake? Healer or fraud? Even Iris doesn’t know.